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Spring 2015

Katie and I are relaunching
the Twin Cities' best visual arts calendar.
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Demiurge - New Series
From Dim Media
12 New Paintings

Dim launches their
latest spray paint/stencil work
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Demiurge Series

All Over The Walls
Available Online
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Watch the award winning 2011 documentary
of the trials and tribulations that so
many local startup galleries face Read More »

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The Horror Continues
Blue Flame:Extinguish
Available Now

Check out the followup to Dim's 2012
illustrated horror novella Read More »

Blue Flame 2

Newest Dim Paintings
Birthmarks Series III
New Abstract Art

Check out Dim Media's latest
collaborative abstract paintings. View Series »

Green Birthmarks


I'm a Minneapolis artist that works in drawing and painting, currently part of TC artist collaborative Dim Media and have created everything from comics to murals to fine art pieces. View my portfolio or checkout some of my art related articles.


Developing websites for 17 years, I have a few languages and a ton of experience under my belt. I'm currently doing a lot of Google Appengine and ReactJS development. Take a look at some of my software projects or read my programming articles.


My brain is usually "swirling a mile a minute". Sometimes it results in exciting new projects around the house and other times it results in a crazy idea. I try to document both. Checkout my latest projects or view my blog.

Featured from the Blog

Antistar Flyer Design

I'm back doing concert flyers for my friends' band  - this time around for Antistar's show at the end of the month.

The Story of the Garrett Christmas

The Garrett family Christmas celebration is a bizarre spectacle that few outsiders have seen. Here is a little background on the craziness and some highlights from this year - which ended up at my house last minute...

An Ode to Jeff Petrich

Jeffery Earl Petrich was my neighbor, my friend, and my mentor. Sadly, he passed away earlier this year from cancer. As I look back on 2014, it is good to take a moment to remember Jeff.


Well, I joined Instagram and it is a nice respite from Facebook. My handle is @blaine.garrett. At the moment is mostly pictures from my trip to Illinois for Thanksgiving.

Above is a pic from the Trentemoller show last week at Fineline.