How Much Did Arnold Schwarzenegger Weigh in His Prime

arnold-schwarzenegger"How much did Arnold Schwarzenegger weigh in his prime." I pondered this tonight at the gym after weighing myself. I don't get too concerned with weight since I don't feel like I have a lot of fat to lose and muscle weighs more than fat. However, I do worry about the long term of lugging lots of weight around on my heart. I am in no way shape or form "ripped" and have a bit of a gut I wouldn't mind loosing. I worked out a bit in college, but didn't do much for a few years until last summer when I joined Anytime Fitness to get back in shape like I was before college (it wasn't that long ago - it IS doable). Since joining the gym, I have consistently weighed 230lbs. Before joining the gym, I was consistently 215lbs for years starting in mid college. Now, I am trying to do more reps versus just lift a ton of weight so I can get lean and not huge. To some extent it seems to be working since I am getting definition and I definitely don't feel huge. So what is up with weighing so much? I always think of those UFC fighters who are my height and ripped but only weigh 180lbs. Granted, I am somewhat big framed and weighed 180lbs in middle school and was pretty lean. Anywho,  I came home and found this post that suggested that Arnold was 240 lbs at his prime and we are supposedly (read the article) the same height. So yeah, that just seems weird. For all that muscle, he was only 10lbs heavier than I am now.  Lame. Anyone got a good explaination? Should I be concerned with my weight (fat or otherwise) in regard to my heart? I don't really want a triple bypass at 50 years old. At least that is the goal. I suppose not eating complete crap would help too. der....
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